Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 10 Things It Must Fix From Human Revolution

Eidos have one hell of a task topping their 2011 masterpiece.

After four years, the fourth instalment of the mighty leather-clad sci-fi opus Deus Ex is back, and Eidos' Matrix-meets-Blade Runner genre-bender has always had a special place in plenty gamers' hearts - mostly thanks to losing entire weeks of game-time in the 2000 original. Thanks to some graphics that haven't aged too well considering the focus on gunplay, character interaction and a slew of incredibly detailed (for the time) environments, it was over to 2011's Human Revolution to relight the fire underneath the franchise's behind, as although 2003's Invisible War was serviceable enough, it didn't have the same spark that only the original team can bring. Over to Mankind Divided and a sequel that's going to take place two years after the conclusion of Human Revolution, seeing returning-hero Adam Jensen heading up crime-hounds Task Force 29 as the world lives up to the game's title - the split between people who favour augmented limbs and those who don't creating violent rifts in the populace. Jensen's design is looking just as fantastic as ever though, with his repurposed body also bolstering a huge number of additional abilities and weapons - however as Human Revolution's weaker aspects proved, concept and execution can occasionally be miles apart, and it's up to Eidos to deliver on 100% of their potential this time around.

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