Dragon Age Inquisition: 16 Weird Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Cheese wheels, Decepticons, Mean Girls and.... Scrooge McDuck?!


Happy Unofficial Dragon Age Day! With (hashtag) The Dread Wolf Rising since 2018, confirming that Bioware's once-cancelled high fantasy franchise was finally back in production, renewed interest has had fans and newcomers alike revisiting the Dragon Age universe. This isn't even mentioning the latest updates regarding an upcoming comic centreing on a popular Dragon Age II character, Fenris, and tying his adventures into the events of their latest game: Dragon Age Inquisition.

Praised as the biggest, most beautiful, and most detailed game in the franchise, with its enormous, open world and wide, lush maps, it's not hard to imagine that even the most vivacious of players have missed a hidden gem or five, whether it be a wink-wink-nudge reference to other IP, or even a particularly rare and exciting item that could be used for gameplay.

So here's a list, with spoilers intact (though to be clear, this game came out in 2014, and the biggest spoiler was already in the 2018 trailer), of all the hilarious, amazing, confusing, and even terrifying Easter Eggs that players old and new can scour Thedas to find.


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