Dragon Ball FighterZ - 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

10. Don't Ignore Auto-Combos

Dragon Ball Fighterz
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Considering the heavy backlash that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite got for including auto-combos, it’s pretty safe to assume that many hardcore players aren’t going to appreciate them being in FighterZ.

Ignoring them altogether would be a big mistake, however. Depending on the button pressed, the combo used will also be different. Repeatedly pressing light attack results in a basic combo that - character-dependant - contains a super or two, whilst using medium attack factors in your Level 1 Ultimate as a finishing animation.

The heavy attack doesn’t have it’s own version of this (because it is most often used as a combo finisher), but it does have a chain that acts similarly to an auto-combo.

Although auto-combos won’t make much of an impact on high level play, they can be used to trigger some specific characters' most exploitable moves (like Kid Buu and Beerus), so expect to see a lot of use online.


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