Dragon Ball FighterZ: 11 Missing Features DBZ Fans Want

Beam struggles, anyone?

Toei Animation

Dragon Ball FighterZ is pretty close to perfect in regards to being a fighting game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Merging the series' beautiful look with Arc System Works' amazing fighting game capabilities has produced one of the most exciting fighting games of the current generation.

But could it be even better?

There are plenty of things from past Dragon Ball games that are currently missing in FighterZ, which is surprising considering how much love Arc System Works have put into the game so far. Some pretty big characters, locations and staples of the series seem to have been left out entirely, and they are certainly noticeable for fans who've played many instalments over the years.

These missing features don't stop Dragon Ball FighterZ from being the best game in the series, though I can't help but pine for many mechanics and other things that made previous Dragon Ball games so unique.

Here's hoping that Arc System Works plan on adding some of these in through future patches, or as some of the game's planned DLC.


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