Dragon Ball FighterZ: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Hey, Krillin didn't come last!

Arc System Works

From far-flung worlds, divergent timelines and sister universes, do the denizens of Dragon Ball's multiverse come, itching to get a ki-powered light show like no other underway.

Be it Saiyans, Androids or pot-bellied genies with troublesome confectionary addictions, cast members new and old have congregated on Earth for Arc System Works' lavish video game adaptation of Akira Toriyama's culture-defining manga, but who's destined to be the victor that stands atop a mound of battered and bruised bodies?

You're here for the answer, and, of course, it will be provided, but we're willing to bet a dozen wishes granted by Shenron that the top dog isn't who you believe. Remember, adaptations care not for canon, so while FighterZ is the current de facto Dragon Ball game - Arc Systems' respect for the franchise shines brighter than a Kamehameha - player skill and character versatility dictate the outcome, not power levels exceeding four figures.

Truth be told, FighterZ has no 'bad' competitors. Rather, a portion of its roster is just so outlandishly good that for more balanced world warriors to get a look-in would require a hefty balance patch.

Undoubtedly, one is already in the works (damn you and your Stretch Armstrong limbs, Kid Buu. Damn you to hell), so expect some extensive reshuffling when that time comes, but for now, the pecking order goes something like this.


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