E3 has been fairly mediocre over the last few years, relying heavily on cinematic trailers that trade gameplay footage for plastic bravado in an attempt to secure pre-order sales before everyone realises the title’s less original and visually impressive than a cartoon cat stuck up a tree. The event is also increasingly becoming a source of mistrust, with trailers, and in one case a full ‘playable’ demo (Aliens: Colonial Marines), showing only pre-rendered footage that never even makes it into the full game, conning audiences out of their cash with promises that’ll inevitably amount to naught (Also known as gear boxing).

However, with the announcement of at least one major new console out for the end of this year, people are already hoping E3 2013 will be a much bigger spectacle than the snooze-fest we’ve had to sit through over the last three of four years. Sure we’ve had a few good games, but I can honestly only remember two titles from last year’s gathering. Two! That should not be the case coming out of the world’s biggest game showcase, so it really is a big deal that this year is set up to be the event it deserves to be.

In light of this, I’ve decided to use my crystal ball and sexy mental prowess to predict some of the stuff likely to be revealed at this year’s big budget show-and-tell. So prepare to be amazed at the wonder of my foresight, to marvel at my prophecies, and be in awe at the accuracy of my conjectures! It’s a shame exclusively the people reading this post-E3 know if that sentence is ironic or not…

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This article was first posted on April 3, 2013