E3 2016: Full Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster Confirmed For PS4

Not a new Crash, but you wouldn't of wanted one anyway.

Crash Bandicoot skylanders

After months and months of teases, speculation and hearsay, Crash Bandicoot did make an appearance at E3... but as a PS4-exclusive Skylanders character.

Yes it's as deflating as you think, especially when you see the above image and realise he looks like a child's clay sculpture gained sentience and wandered into a neighbouring franchise. However, before you fetch the torches and pitchforks, there is a silver lining: the entire original Naughty Dog trilogy is also being "remastered" on PS4, although at this stage, that's all we've heard. Naughty Dog themselves aren't even involved, or if they are, nothing's been said at this stage.

Honestly though, for my money, I don't think Sony even inked this deal until a few minutes before walking on stage.

Think about it: You had months of teasing Crash's 'return' to the PlayStation brand, all sorts of hints towards a 'full' Crash game and even Naughty Dog including a playable PS1 segment in Uncharted 4. Then... it leaked that all assets were to support a Skylanders figurine, and the internet lost its damn mind.

Sony surely then thought, "Well we can't go out there and just confirm this, right?!", leading to a very quick onstage announcement from Shawn Layden about an upcoming remastered trilogy, before taking a requisite right-turn into the Skylanders trailer.

Like the Final Fantasy VII remake from 2015, it all comes across as Sony's execs targeting these studios, throwing money at the coding department and yelling "GET IT DONE" - all the while many of us are forever thinking, "Is any of this really going to work?"


Time will tell, but sound off in the comments what you make of where Sony are taking Crash in 2016!

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