E3 2017: 10 Major Reveals & Announcements We Need To See

We know what's confirmed, what about the rest?

Warner Bros.

As E3 grows closer, the battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo officially begins to heat up, the hype for potential releases from everybody's favourite developers and publishers increasingly tenfold by the day.

Thousand will be in attendance (this year is the first time the show has been open to the public) with each one of them ready to be surprised by what should be the greatest gaming announcements of 2017. There's also the small matter of just how much premiere technology will be displayed through new graphical rendering techniques, intense gameplay, characterful debuts and lifelike animations, too. This is the debut of the Xbox Scorpio, after all.

Despite fantastic games that we know will be shown such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Spider-Man, there are other titles and news that people have been anticipating for the past year (fuelled by hints scattered across the past few months), that are guaranteed to be spectacular if announced.

Developers such as Blizzard, Bethesda, Nintendo, Rockstar, From Software and Square Enix are all in attendance, promising us the best they have to offer, so let's discuss what will surely be the hottest potential reveals of the event.