E3 2017: 18 Biggest WTF Moments

Devolver Digital brings the crazy to E3.

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Most will agree that E3 2017 hasn't exactly been one for the books in terms of surprises or quality, but at least it sure didn't skimp out on the weirdness. Good or bad, one of the most enjoyable things about E3 every year is its eccentric tone, from getting awkward, socially inept people up on stage to talk to millions of people, to cringe-worthy skits cobbled together by middle-aged white men in board rooms somewhere, to things just about nobody could've expected.

E3 2017 certainly didn't want for baffling behaviour or oddball reveals, ensuring that even though the lack of megaton announcements made the conferences underwhelming on the whole, it was still a blast to watch for the most part.

These 18 moments represent the cringiest, funniest and just straight-up strangest moments from the so-called Super Bowl of Video Games...

18. Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A VR Fishing Spin-Off

Final Fantasy XV Monsters Of The Deep
Square Enix

PSVR owners were no doubt relieved that Sony showed plenty of support for the platform, and surely the most bizarre game reveal was a Final Fantasy XV fishing spin-off titled Monster of the Deep, due for release in September.

It's been known since last year's E3 that Square Enix were working on a VR experience related to FFXV, though most unquestionably expected it to be combat-centric, rather than a first-person fishing game.

Getting to reel-in fish in VR could be a fun novelty if the price is right, though it remains unclear if the original VR experience has been quietly binned in favour of this one, or there's even more VR content to come in the future.

Either way, how delightfully weird...

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