E3 2018: 10 PS4 Predictions That Must Come True

Death Stranding gameplay and... a Marvel gaming universe?!

Death Stranding Gameplay

Over the past few years, Sony have transformed their E3 conferences into an art form. Moving away from the unfocused, mixed-bag, waffly presentations that used to define the company, they've recently been succinct tour-de-forces of excellent deep dives, surprise reveals and teases for the future, without too many businessmen coming out and slowing things down.

Consequently, anything less than a mind-blowing showing this year will be a disappointment, as Sony have set the bar ridiculously high. Fortunately, the publisher has already revealed a few details on how they're handling the presentation, reiterating that there'll be no new hardware showcased and that they're going to focus on delving into games, rather than simply screening a barrage of trailers.

It's all looking promising, but there are some worries that Sony might've shown their hand a bit early (and it doesn't help that a bulk of E3 games have leaked already). They have plenty of already-confirmed titles bound to make an appearance, but there are a few predictions doing the rounds which could make this E3 home to one of their best ever presentations.


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