E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Nintendo's Conference

Smash might not be the only highlight this year.


Nintendo have a hell of a presentation ahead of them, and all we know that'll be there so far is Smash.

As the last in the running for E3 2018, Nintendo have the job of closing the show but still creating as much hype as the others. With Microsoft and Bethesda's conferences both being full of announcements and surprises, it's going to be no easy feat to contend with them.

Who better than Nintendo to pull it off?

This is especially true of this year because of the presence of a (presumably) brand-new Super Smash Bros. game. This title alone has the power to be one of the most interesting games at E3, provided that Nintendo keep going with the reveals and really give us a deep dive into the next entry in the series.

With Nintendo themselves announcing that Smash is the focus of this year, it's pretty clear that we'll be seeing a lot of that. But that's not all that the company has to offer. There are so many different games in the works at Nintendo and we doubtless only know about a few of them.

To make this E3 extra memorable, Nintendo are going to have to pull out all the stops and really show us everything they have.


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