E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Sony's Conference

9. MediEvil Remake Trailer


Although this might not be as big as Crash or Spyro, the MediEvil remake definitely deserves a full reveal.

Announced at PSX last year, we were only given a short teaser announcement and a logo, with no official gameplay being shown. This is similar to what happened with Crash's remake, where the announcement predated any actual gameplay, which hopefully indicates that MediEvil will get a full reveal at this E3.

It's entirely possible for MediEvil to miss E3 for a smaller event like PSX or Paris Games Week, but Sony seem to be aware of how popular remakes are at the moment, especially with the big push they made for the N Sane Trilogy. Sir Dan's adventure got a good reaction when it was announced, and that wasn't even a full reveal.

MediEvil may not have anywhere near the reach that Crash or Spyro have, but it does appeal to a lot of classic PlayStation fans, and it's definitely time that it gets shown off even a little bit.

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