E3 2018: 10 Ups & 5 Downs From Microsoft's Conference


5. The Totally Underwhelming Halo: Infinite Reveal

Halo Infinite

It certainly seemed like Microsoft was going to kick their show off with a bang by revealing a new Halo game, but the two-minute in-engine trailer for Halo: Infinite ultimately didn't say much about the game at all.

Xbox's Phil Spencer confirmed that the game will follow Master Chief on yet another mission to save humanity, but beyond that, details were incredibly thin on the ground.

We know that Infinite will release for Xbox One and PC and see 343 Industries working with a new engine called Slipspace, but without actual confirmation of the game's nature - as pre-release leaks suggested it's very different to a conventional Halo game - or a scrap of actual, on-the-ground gameplay footage, it's hard to be that hype.

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