E3 2018: 15 Best Moments

15. Rage 2 Looks Way Better Than Anyone Expected

Rage 2

It's fair to say that Bethesda's original Walmart-inspired reveal of Rage 2 didn't exactly blow many people away, but they sure as hell rectified that with their barn-storming E3 gameplay demo of the post-apocalyptic open-world shooter.

The brief gameplay reel showed off the game's heightened, gleefully over-the-top tone, demonstrating both vehicular combat and the array of boots-on-the-ground combat options (including gravity-manipulating grenades!).

The world seems to be teeming with a diverse collection of revolting and hilariously uncooth enemies, perhaps most impressively a troll-like mutant decked out in an American football helmet, because why not?

Rage 2's tone and style won't be for everyone, but in a fairly middling conference from Bethesda, it basically managed to steal the show and briefly hold the gaming world in its icky yet alluring grasp.

Could this end up being one of the most improved sequels of all time? Fingers crossed.

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