E3 2018: 15 Leaked Video Games You're Not Supposed To Know About

It's going to be one hell of a show.

E3 2018 Leaks

Don't you just love E3 season? All the leaks, potential new games, announcements and all-things bright n' shiny for the rest of the generation, E3 is the one major event in gaming that tends to cross over into mainstream entertainment coverage.

As such, every major company has either a conference or livestream planned. From Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to Bethesda, EA and Square Enix, all have been saving up their biggest reveals - the current absence of news coverage being indicative of the build towards June 12th-14th.

Inevitably though, in a world where CVs are published online, store listings get updated on a daily basis and various interview snippets have let projects slip well ahead of any official announcement, there are TONS of new titles pegged for E3... that have been found out early.

In terms of where everybody is, going into the show, Sony are slaying it on the first-party front, with Nintendo needing something other than Labo to draw in the punters for the remainder of the year. As for Microsoft... this could be make or break time.

Regardless, across the board we've got plenty to pick apart, starting with...

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