E3 2018: 5 Ups & 3 Downs From Nintendo's Direct

Smash delivers, but where was Metroid?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo served up the last of the major E3 shows on Tuesday, and as was also basically true of every other conference this year, it was a pretty mild, disappointingly safe offering.

Sure, Nintendo finally unveiled the new Super Smash Bros. game and made a number of neat announcements, but just like Microsoft and Sony's efforts, the livestream lacked the wow factor fans had hyped themselves up to expect.

Given the sheer wealth of announced and unannounced projects alike which could've shown up, it was merely an acceptable show rather than one that did wonders for the Nintendo brand or the Switch itself.

At least Nintendo aren't as reliant on big feted reveal events as their competition, so we could be just a month or two away from another Direct which shows off some of those missing games. Considering what fans were quite reasonably expecting, though, this one came to a bit of a sudden, surprising halt...

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