E3 2018: 5 Ups & 5 Downs From Bethesda's Conference

Fallout goes multiplayer.

Fallout 76

Bethesda delivered their latest E3 conference Sunday evening - or the early hours of Monday if you live in Europe - and though there was plenty of hype about the various anticipated games the publisher would be showing off, the presentation was honestly a bit of a mess.

The 90-minute showcase featured maybe 40 minutes of quality material, and the rest of it? Utterly uninspired reveals of niche games of interest to few fans watching, far too much talking, and a general feeling that this was basically an hour-long show padded out by an extra half-hour.

The poor messaging is frustrating as the show actually left a decent amount to be excited about, though Bethesda was definitely disappointingly vague in a number of key areas, and can certainly be accused of making at least one major announcement a year or two too early.

If you're a fan of Bethesda's biggest mainstay franchises, though, there were crowd-pleasing reveals, and the company admirably also showed support for their smaller, less successful titles already on release.

Hopefully they can learn from the polarising reception to this year's show and turn in something tighter and more coherent next year, because there were moments where this conference made the EA show look really quite great...


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