E3 2018: 5 Ups & 5 Downs From Ubisoft's Conference

This. Is. Ubisoft.

Assassin S Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft's 2018 E3 conference has come and gone, and while their E3 show is typically one of the safer, more investor-friendly ones, they do also tend to show off a wide variety of games, ensuring there's at least something for just about everyone.

That was more-or-less true this year in what was nevertheless a garden variety Ubisoft E3 conference: familiar, a little overstuffed and utterly unambitious. All the typical Ubisoft games you'd expect to be there were, but if you were craving anything a little more daring or surprising, you were left desperately wanting.

Was it a bad show? Absolutely not: Square Enix reminded us all hours earlier of what a true E3 misfire looks like. Ubisoft at least had energy and seemed to persuasively, enthusiastically believe in their games (generic and samey though some of them seemed).

Even if you weren't blown away by what was on offer, this was noticeably one of the least cringe-worthy Ubisoft conferences of the last few years. That's...something?

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