E3 2018: 6 Major Improvements Each Company Must Make

Come on Microsoft... you have something... somewhere, right?


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (a.k.a E3) has seen a vast improvement over the years as an accessible and enjoyable event to watch. Not long ago, each show was a close 50/50 split of snazzy corporate talk and powerpoint presentations with only a smattering of exciting game trailers sprinkled in-between.

Since then, the industry has grown exponentially with more eyes tuning in for E3 on an annual basis and just last year the floors were opened up to the public for the first time. Conclusively, it’s less of an exclusive event for stockholders and game journalist and more of a mainstream expo and celebration for games.

With that high-level of exposure (and even Square Enix joining the fray this year), there are fewer excuses for companies not to bring their A-game to the conferences - the world is watching and the pressure is on.

Last year saw a bevvy of game and console reveals even if it was lacking the surprise and excitement since this specific console generation geared up. It was a solid showing but there was definitely room for improvement - so let's observe exactly what each company needs to redeem if they want that chance at being King of E3 2018.

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