E3 2018: 8 Insane Predictions Most Likely To Come True

8. Star Wars Comes To Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix

Besides providing a concrete release date for its Disney/Final Fantasy mashup - which would be big enough news in itself - Square Enix could have another surprise in store for fans champing at the bit for Sora's next adventure.

Since the release of Kingdom Hearts II in 2007, a lot has happened in the world of corporate acquisitions, namely Disney's purchase and subsequent ownership of Lucasfilm and, by extension, Star Wars.

Is it possible that along with Big Hero 6, Toy Story and Monsters Inc., that heroes and villains of the Force-sensitive kind could make their debut? Square would need to hammer out a few tonal and thematic issues, sure, but it's a possible reality that Sora, Donald and Goofy could make a pit-stop on Endor to hang out with the Ewoks.

Until Disney or Square says otherwise, never say never.


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