E3 2018: 8 Ups & 5 Downs From Sony's Conference


5. The Awful Show Format

Sony E3 2018 Shawn Layden

In a rather misguided attempt to give E3 viewers and attendees a unique experience this year, they opted to kick the show off in a church-like tent before unveiling the first gameplay footage from The Last of Us Part II.

At the conclusion of this segment, the live attendees were ushered into a more familiar convention hall, grinding the conference to a halt for over 10 minutes as people were shepherded to the next room and livestream viewers were forced to just listen to airless discussions and recaps.

The decision to try something different was a bit of a bust, to be honest, and seemed stilted, awkward and even a little confusing. Sony has proven in the past that they can bring the house down with a more conventional conference - just look at 2015's "Year of Dreams" - so why tinker needlessly with a winning formula?

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