E3 2018: Everything We Learned From Sony's Spider-Man Demo

We hope you're ready for the Sinister Six!

Surprise surprise, Spider-Man PS4 still looks spectacular. Whether it be the voice acting, the sense of motion or the combat itself, it just seems as though Insomniac are nailing the wall-crawler from top to bottom. The latest demo, shown off at this week's Sony conference, has reiterated all of this further still.

Taking the web-slinger to The Raft - an off-island New York penitentiary designed to lock up Marvel's worst villains - it transpires that Electro is orchestrating a breakout attempt. Crash landing with NYPD officer Yuri Watanabe, Spidey is forced to navigate the halls of the prison as several of his most feared adversaries (Scorpion, Rhino and Vulture) cause him all kinds of grief - leading to the demo's dizzyingly good closing shot.

That's not all however. Immediately following this narrative-driven demo was a look into how the game's open world mechanics actually work. It truly is shaping up to be the definitive Spidey experience, and though those coveted cameos continue to go unnoticed, both demos did clue us in on some key details from the title, including its story, the world and its gameplay.

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