E3 2018: Nintendo Reveal Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

New brawler features every single character from the series.

Smash bros ultimate

As widely expected, Nintendo have revealed the next in their long-running crossover fighting series Super Smash Bros. during their E3 presentation this morning.

Series producer and regular drinker from the Fountain of Youth Masuhiro Sakurai appeared during the broadcast to confirm the new title, known as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, before we were treated to a showcase of all the game's characters. As it happens, every single combatant from Smash history is set to be included (yes, even Pichu!), alongside the debuting Inkling straight out of Splatoon, and Metroid's reptilian baddie Ridley. In particular, the returns of Mewtwo, Ice Climbers, and Snake are sure to delight fans of the franchise.

Sakurai confirmed that although the roster is set to be 66 fighters-strong, just eight characters will be available from the outset, giving the game a single-player purpose depressingly lacking from many recent 'online-ready' beat-em-ups.

The dishy designer then embarked on a very lengthy run-down of the pugilists' particulars, as we learned Link will be donned out in his champion's tunic from Breath of the Wild, a female Pikachu with a heart-shaped tail will be available, and that the Wii Fit trainer has a new face, for some reason.

Super Smash Bros. ultimate is scheduled for release on 7 December 2018. Merry Christmas!

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