E3 2019: 10 Video Game Reveals That NEED To Happen

Are Rocksteady even still alive?

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E3 2019 is nearly upon us, and it's set to be the strangest one ever. Not only is it presumably the last event before the next generation is officially announced, but the weekend itself is undergoing a huge internal shake up. Major names have pulled out of the expo, with Sony delivering a pretty big blow by removing themselves entirely and EA, who have opted for a smaller, external showing across the past few years, further limiting their involvement in the expo with no keynote conference.

That said, fans shouldn't be any less excited. The companies that do remain are still committed to delivering a great show, and hyping you up for the next few years. If anything, the absence of big competitors only makes things even more unpredictable; for instance, it's going to be fascinating to see how Microsoft capitalise on the chance to dominate the weekend without having constant comparisons to Sony's offerings for once.

However, there are a few things that need to be addressed, and a couple other moments that need to happen, if E3 2019 wants to be a weekend to remember. Between new announcements, companies owning up to pretty public disasters and, of course, the constant question surrounding the next generation of gaming, E3 2019 could be the best in years.


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