E3 2019: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Coming To Switch Next March

Explore all the Tom Nooks and crannies of your own tropical island.

Fans of Nintendo's furry town-'em-up Animal Crossing rejoice: a long rumoured next installment of the series does exist, and it's looking as adorable as ever.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sees the player's little villager whisked off to their very own tropical island, courtesy of the enterprising raccoon Tom Nook's airline company. Once they alight, they must set up camp, forage, and generally not die of scurvy.

Over time, the villager works their way up the Animal Development Index, turning a hovel into a home and eventually a thriving community as they get to know the fluffy neighbours.

The new game introduces gathering and crafting systems not a million miles away from Nintendo's other big survival hit, Breath of the Wild. Trees can be chopped down for wood, tools manufactured, paths laid: all the fun of roughing it in the countryside.

And as ever, Tom Nook is a usuring little swine. He appears at the end of the trailer with an itemised bill, plus interest.

Unfortunately, those raring to grab their bindle and head into the tropical wilds will have to wait a bit. Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches on Switch in March 2020.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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