Elder Scrolls 6: 10 Things Fans Want To See

Please just make the combat not suck.


With Bethesda's announcement that the Elder Scrolls VI is happening, the internet has kicked into full gear trying to work out any remote details from that first, short teaser. Whilst most people are analysing the tiniest of factors, let's take a look at what we would like to see as fans.

Because despite its grandiose place in the gaming pantheon, the Elder Scrolls isn't a perfect series. And ruminating on Skyrim only brings the big issues and changes we want to light.

From tiny stylistic tweaks to entire overhauls of in-game systems and mechanics, there are a lot of things that fans want to make the next game in the series the ultimate experience.

When it comes to Bethesda, we know that they listen to fans (more so than most companies), so this is one of the rare occasions where fans aren't speaking to an empty room. Elder Scrolls VI is undoubtedly going to be a big game, and there isn't a fan around that doesn't want it to be that incredibly refined. Here's hoping they listen to all the right suggestions.


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