Elder Scrolls Quiz: How Well Do You Know Oblivion?

How well do you remember the Oblivion Crisis?


Two centuries before the Last Dragonborn would accept his destiny and rid Skyrim of the draconic invasion led by Alduin, an even greater menace was threatening to tear Tamriel asunder. At the behest of Mehrunes Dagon, legions of Daedric aggressors poured forth from Oblivion to herald the arrival of their princely master, but, as the Elder Scrolls have a tendency to foretell, a hero will always be present to protect the mortal realm of Nirn at any cost.

Between conquering Oblivion Gates, forging friendships with ancient orders of warriors and dabbling in the affairs of the nefarious Dark Brotherhood, how much can you recall?

Good luck, hero.

1. Who Breaks You Out Of Prison At The Game's Beginning?


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