Every January 2019 Video Game Release Ranked By Anticipation

What's the best of the best, from the first of the month?


With the start of the new year, we also see the start of a new and exciting video game release calendar. Although it was a common tradition that the first chunk of the yearly schedule was when companies sent games off to die, that has begun to change in recent times, with this January in particular giving lower-key titles the spotlight.

You’ll see from the list that we’re getting some massive sequel entries yet it's mixed with some slick ports and remasters of older titles, plus a handful of eccentric indie releases. It’s an eclectic mix that wouldn’t really happen during the blockbuster season.

It is all the more interesting for it to be honest, but also makes sifting through the mess and ranking what to keep an eye, a complicated task.

Keep in mind, current generation ports to other systems are not being mentioned, but let’s delve into what is a pretty stacked month.

23. SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal

Marvelous Entertainment

Release Date: January 19

Platforms: PS4, PC

Originally released as a 3DS game back in 2012, this title got remastered and ported over to the PS4 in Japan last year and - not really due to high demand - is coming to international waters for some reason.

It's a 2D beat-em-up about on a trio of ninja females that have large bouncing parts, plus their clothes get knocked off when they get battle damage...yep, that's really the main purpose of the whole thing.

The initial reviews wrote the combat as repetitive and the story shallow. It seems like a weird time to be dropping this extremely pervy title in today's oversensitive climate, but yeah it's happening anyway...


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