Fallout 5: 12 Things We Want To See

No. More. Glitches.

Fallout 4 has been out in the wild for quite some time now, and though it's been a major critical and commercial success, it's also pretty damn far from perfect. Though the game will be enhanced in the coming months by the mod community, many of the complaints relate to the game's inherent structure and content, and so players will naturally be looking to the inevitable Fallout 5 to improve upon these issues. Yes, Fallout 5 is probably at least 4 or 5 years away, but with Fallout 4's shortcomings fresh in the mind, what better time to brainstorm fixes and new concepts for it? From the return of classic mechanics which were unceremoniously ditched to exciting new systems that fans have been wanting for years, and of course, the ironing out of those facepalm-inducing technical issues, Fallout 5 has the potential to be the biggest and best entry into the series yet, especially if Bethesda spend a little more time and care on it than they evidently did with F4. That's not to knock their most recent game too much: it's ridiculously entertaining, but as the post-release hysteria has died down a little bit and more reasoned opinions have emerged after spending 50+ hours with it, it's clear that the game's got its share of issues. Here are 12 things we want to see in Fallout 5...

12. The Return Of The Old Dialogue System

One of the most widely-criticised aspects of Fallout 4 by even the game's biggest fans is the highly limited dialogue wheel, which moves far away from the extensive dialogue selections of previous games and instead boils the choices down to "yes", "no", "sarcastic" and "vague". Given how wide-open other aspects of the game are, it feels like Bethesda really cut some corners in this regard, and it heavily impacts the sense of freedom as you venture around the world interacting with the weird and wonderful denizens. Hopefully Bethesda will hear the vocal criticism and return to the lauded dialogue system of previous games for F5.

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