Fallout 5: 13 Things We Want To See

Coming 2020... ish.


Regardless of your own opinion on Fallout 4, it was an immense commercial success and critical darling, such that development on the next game was almost guaranteed immediately.

As beloved as the game is, however, even the hardcore crowd will agree that it was released in fairly rough shape for the standards of a AAA title, and it took the modding community to remedy many of the nagging issues that should've been fixed by Bethesda themselves.

It will probably be at least 2020 before Fallout 5 emerges, and so that gives whoever develops it plenty of time to work on the most vocally complained-about aspects of the previous game. If this one suffers from many of the same old-hat flaws, fans may not be quite so forgiving this time.

Here are 13 things we want to see in Fallout 5...

13. Return Of The Silent Protagonist


Easily one of Fallout 4's most complained-about aspects was the controversial addition of a fully voice-acted protagonist.

It's an interesting idea, albeit one that had many fans wishing for the return of a silent protagonist, due to a definitive voice taking away some of the immersion for players who may wish to ascribe their own internal voice to the character.

Add to this the fact that the dialogue options were blatantly simplified to accommodate the voice recordings and it resulted in a communication system that felt blatantly dumbed-down from previous games.

The tone of the player's voice doesn't always suit the urgency of the dialogue and the dialogue options themselves just aren't specific enough.

In short, restoring a silent protagonist would give the player more freedom in the long run, and would absolutely not feel like a step back given the nature of the games.

How Likely Is It?: To be fair, this one could actually happen, given the company's own admission that it didn't work as well as they hoped. 6/10


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