Fallout 5: 8 Things That Need To Happen In 2018

2. Bethesda Should Reveal Their Next Game

Elder Scrolls Vi

While Bethesda have constantly alternated between focusing on either Fallout or Elder Scrolls ever since they acquired the former property over a decade ago, their future release schedule isn't quite as clearly laid out as it was a few years ago.

Because, after being so committed to these two franchises, the devs, rightly so, have expressed interest in working on something entirely new. Consequently, fans have no idea what the studio's next game is going to be, with The Elder Scrolls, Fallout or something original all being equally likely.

With leaks happening all the time though, it seems inevitable that players will at least know what the studio's current priority is by the end of next year. Knowing how many other releases they have to sit through before the devs get back around to Fallout will prevent fans from being disappointed that a sequel is taking so long, and help inform where the franchise goes next.


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