Fallout 76: 10 Game-Changing New Details You Need To Know

10. Workshops


Bethesda may have taken steps to discourage unsolicited PvP encounters, but when the desire to kill other players is consensual, it's doing everything it can to accommodate those bloodthirsty tendencies.

Workshops, unlike your own personal CAMP, are pre-made settlements curated by Bethesda that, after paying a fee, can be claimed by any player that stumbles upon them.

Oftentimes, these landmarks will have defence systems and buildings installed, bypassing the need to gather resources to build them yourself, but here's the twist: the lucrative real estate isn't yours to keep.

If you desire a Workshop that's already been claimed by another player, it's within your right to challenge them in battle. Should you emerge victorious, the deeds will transfer to your inventory and the Workshop's former owner will be booted out.


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