Fallout 76: 9 Big Questions We Still Have

Real talk: Is the "story" just an elaborate tutorial?


We're only three months out from the release of Fallout 76, and we've still got so many questions about the game.

Since first showing it off at E3, Bethesda have been rather tight-lipped with more information about the game. Sure, Todd Howard has clarified some things from the E3 conference in various interviews, but we're still no closer to understanding 'Fallout: The MMO'.

It's not like Bethesda to have a huge advertising campaign that releases new trailers every week, but it's becoming a little old to see them re-post the same videos again and again on social media.

Instead of Bethesda enlightening us as to mechanics and features, it's up to us to speculate and wonder about all the things they're up to behind the scenes, and how we'll be playing Fallout 76 when it's released.

As a result, opinions are mixed. Of course it's a Fallout game, but it's also a far cry from anything Bethesda have created before. Now we just have to wait until the game is released on 14 November for all our questions, fears and hopes to be answered...

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