Fallout 76: 9 Big Questions We Still Have

9. What's Our Backstory? Is There One?


The protagonist of the Fallout games usually has an interesting backstory or at least a motivation, from the original Fallout's Vault Dweller and his quest to get water for his vault, to Fallout 4's cryogenically frozen and then revived Sole Survivor and their quest to rescue their son. Even though we're meant to create the character, it helps when the foundation is provided for us.

We know that the protagonist was an important soldier or war hero before the war, from the clues and information presented about Vault 76, and that he or she is going into the post-apocalypse world to purify and save it.

But why did this hero choose to go in to the Vault in the first place? And what's driving them to purify the world through bullets and laser beams? Maybe they have a tragic past of some kind, but if they do, we're yet to find out.

Due to Fallout 76 being a lot more MMO-like, it's likely that as well as designing the looks of our character we'll get a choice of backstories and motivations to choose from. But let's hope that Bethesda tries to give them some kind of identity!

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