Fallout 76: 9 Past Franchise Problems It Can Finally Fix

A protagonist whose setup doesn't conflict with the game itself, anyone?

Fallout 76

With the announcement of Fallout 76 came controversy, and now there's been some sizeable gameplay demos and feature breakdowns we have... more controversy.

Yes, the Fallout fandom is notoriously hard to please. Assembled from two initial instalments made by a different developer, one phenomenal title that saw the entire world take notice, a spin-off from another developer that's actually, arguably, the best one, and a fourth that's divisive to this day. Not to mention a mobile app that has just as many people sounding alarm bells and shouting about the end times, as those who enjoyed it.

Next up on the list? An MMO-influenced survival sim, ditching NPCs for an entire world of players going about their business. Bethesda have insisted the game can still be played solo, but will be online at all times, as quests for the vast majority are designed around groups of players instead.

Understandably - and given the enjoyably rocky road it's been to get here - people are split. Though, speaking of Fallout's characterful history and its myriad of discussion points...

What if 76 ends up being the best one?

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