Fallout: Ranking Every Add-On From Worst To Best

Which expansions were actually worth the extra bottle caps?


Ever since Bethesda Softworks picked up Fallout and brought the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise into the modern age of video games, the series has, inevitably, entered the world of DLC on numerous occasions.

In fact, the three main Fallout titles published by Bethesda since 2008 have accumulated a total of fifteen downloadable add-ons. Fallout 3 had five, Fallout: New Vegas had four (not counting item packs) and Fallout 4 had six.

These expansions have served a number of purposes and complemented their respective base games in different ways.

Some provided a way to test or build upon experimental new ideas and mechanics for the franchise, some revolved around lore-rich stories that focused on worldbuilding, some were simply meant to let the players have some outlandish fun, and a select few accomplished a few, if not all of these things.

That said, when you have as many add-ons as the Fallout series does, some are bound to be better than others. Whereas one wasteland-themed DLC may feel like a genuine treat that was worth the extra cash, another may feel as though it needed more meat on its bones to justify its digital price tag.

After all, war never changes, but DLC quality does...


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