Far Cry 2 Has Always Secretly Been The Best Far Cry Game

Better physics, world detail, survival elements - what else do you need?

Far cry 2

After a couple of middling instalments, the Far Cry series is back, and it's bigger than ever. With the sales of the latest game more than doubling those of the fourth (in the first week, anyway), it's clear that with the help of a new setting and a troop of great villains, the developers at Ubisoft have been able to continue to breathe new life into an ageing formula.

Admittedly, Far Cry 5 is an amazing game when it's firing on all cylinders, but it's far from the best entry in the franchise. The release that's usually cited as the series' peak is the revolutionary third title, which established pretty much all of the open world mechanics the latest sequel still uses nearly six years on.

However it's the often overlooked Far Cry 2 - derided at release for being an ambitious experiment which didn't quite come together - which had stood the test of time and shines as the best, most cohesive Far Cry product Ubisoft have shipped so far.

Why? Well...


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