Far Cry 4: 10 Big Improvements You Need To Know About

At least Ubisoft know what they're doing with one of their major franchises.

Ubisoft are currently being put through the wringer with the dials turned to mutilate thanks to their shoddy work on the latest Assassin's Creed, and with almost universally negative reviews dragging everything including the stock price in their own shares downward, all eyes are on Far Cry 4 to turn the tide and reclaim some favour. Luckily it seems like the business-minded decisions that are plaguing AC are almost nowhere to be found, and instead it's let one of Ubi's other major teams focus on exactly what people want more of in this sequel to one of the best games of 2012. That is to say we've got even more guns, bigger potential for custom set-pieces, refined tighter controls and more of a narrative excuse for you to fly off the handle and do everything from command an elephant to run amuck through an encampment to staging a car chase along a Himalayan mountainside. Thankfully it seems there is some sanity left at Ubi-Towers as they continue to meld their previously struck gold into this mix of weaponised wildlife and adapted traits from other titles, and whilst the cleanup crew work round-the-clock hours to fix AC: Unity, Far Cry is bringing the fireworks to this end of year shindig.
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