Far Cry 5: 5 Things We Learned From E3 2017

A rebellion in rural America.


Far Cry 5 won't be out until the 27th of February the next year, so there's still some time to speculate and learn some new things about the game. However, after seeing the trailer and the gameplay, it's more than reasonable to get excited about what we've seen so far.

In this entry the game takes place in the United States, in the fictional county of Hope, Montana, which is terrorized by a vicious cult ran by the mysterious Father. The game tries to capture the present-day anxiety and anticipation of something big and bad, that's about to happen. Simultaneously it tries to give the gamer the feel of actual rural America.

While with Far Cry games you always know what to expect, every entry adds a new interesting twist on a rather proven formula. Here's what we know about the game so far.

5. Ubisoft Went To Montana To Research That "Small Town Feel"


At E3, the Executive Producer/Creative Director of the game, Dan Hay, described how the creators visited the state of Montana in order to learn about the people there, and after just 24 hours were immediately convinced that the small-town feel and the cold reception that they received had to be incorporated into the game. They felt like strangers, nobody wanted to talk to them, and they just didn't have the idea what to do.

This is exactly your situation at the beginning of the game. There are two things you know: That you need to take down The Father and his cult, and that there are other people just like you, who want to do the exact same thing.

You need to find them, but... how?

In the real world, to learn something we either read, watch or talk. And that's how you learn about stuff in the game as well.


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