Far Cry: Every Game Ranked Worst To Best

10. Far Cry Vengeance

Far Cry Vengeance

Arguably the only Far Cry that could be considered outright bad, Vengeance was a remake of Far Cry Instincts: Evolution for the Nintendo Wii, and boy was it by far the worst version of that game.

Graphics were the most noticeable casualty in the transfer over to the new console, with the textures in particular taking a ridiculous hit. It looked ugly as sin, but somehow the title's visuals didn't fare quite as bad as gameplay.

Not only did the transition to motion controls work about as well as any early Wii release not developed by Nintendo, but even if they did function properly, major issues with the enemy A.I., as well as the overall feel of combat would've tanked the remake's chances regardless.

Paling in comparison to the version that hit the original Xbox, Vengeance was a throwaway experience and a blatant sign that third-party titles wouldn't find much love on Nintendo's most overlooked console.

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