FIFA 13: 8 FIFA 12 Star Players You Should Consider Again

2. Juninho

Free-Kick SpecialistClub: Vasco de Gama Nation: Brazil Position: CAM Overall FIFA 13 Rating: 76 He might be getting on now, but in FIFA 12, former Lyon attacking midfielder Juninho was the best free-kick taker in the game and could be relied on to increase your likelihood of hitting the back of the net from dead ball situations. His near deadly free-kick accuracy of 93 made the now 37-year-old a strong addition to any squad prone to winning free-kicks in dangerous positions, and the fact that he is now firmly in the twilight of his career made those skills affordable, if not exactly a long term solution. In FIFA 12, age has clearly got the better of the Brazilian, with a lot of his attributes suffering a drop (most noticeably his stamina which has almost halved), but his free-kick taking is still almost as eye-catching with a 90 rating putting him high up in the list of the game's best set-piece specialists. Worth buying? On the balance of his other attributes Juninho is still a good prospect, considering his age, but his poor stamina (thanks to his age) and the likelihood you'd be forced to carry him for the quicker matches might put a lot of players off, particularly if they tend to have speedier players leading their attacks. But the Brazilian still has great vision (86), strong long passing skills (84) and generally very good distribution, as well as an enviable ability for long shots (84) and crossing (86), making him an ideal solution for a team looking for a less mobile, but no less accomplished central lynch-pin player. Not exactly one for the future, but definitely a "special team" worth a punt.
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