Fifa 13 Demo: 6 Ratings They Got Wrong

WhatCulture looks at the ratings EA Sports got wrong in this year's demo.

My animosity towards the player ratings often put forward by the overlords at EA has moved me to greater lengths than simply criticise them in a short article; if EA are interested I have a 3 hour powerpoint with 876 slides and 18 musical numbers telling them how they do this the completely wrong way. But for now, as we wait for the release of this year's addition to the behemoth footballing game franchise on Friday, we will focus our attention only on the demo and the small amount of teams which EA Sports have so far presented us with, and the player ratings errors involved there. While the gameplay is once more impeccable; their approach to player ratings borders on the lazy and they have missed vital steps in a positive direction by not paying more attention to the specifics and labelling players on reputation... Or sometimes just seeming to make things up off of the top of their heads. So, here we go with the 6 ratings EA Sports got wrong in the FIFA 13 demo...

Vincent Kompany

Demo Rating: 85 Really? 85? Kompany consistently makes the defenders he plays with look like short, middle aged men more likely to break a hip and start crying than defend half as well as he does. So giving a rather middle of the road rating to the world€™s best defender is quite ludicrous. Though we don€™t have evidence to support it, but one can assume that Vidic (who has been injured for a season) and Pique (who€™s as likely to out-muscle a player as I am to outmuscle a mountain bear) are both rated higher than the best defender in the best defence in the best league in the world (as Sky Sports tells us). Obviously City€™s current form doesn€™t represent this fact very well, but he€™s as much a victim as managerial tinkering as Joe Hart, the best English goal keeper who has kept less clean sheets than Ben Foster, and therefore his rating should be quite higher than it is.


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