For many years now, EA have led the pack when it comes to football simulation games, with its FIFA franchise often being considered the only option for anyone seeking a game with a sense of realism and an addictive online experience. FIFA 13 is sure to be a huge success with fans and critics alike; but what can we expect next?

The FIFA franchise has been vastly improving every aspect of the game since it all began almost two decades ago. However, in the last few years visible improvements have began to falter, which is understandable looking back at the huge success of FIFA 12 and its flawless gameplay (after a few tweaks to the impact engine of course…).

So when is enough really enough? I’m sure EA will continue its “tweaks” and “minor changes” but with millions dishing out £40, do we not deserve more? Perhaps the limited development would be acceptable if we only had to spend our hard earned cash once per year, yet the franchises Ultimate Team game mode requires some personal investment if you want a half-decent team. Not only have they extorted money through Ultimate Team and FIFA Live Season, but they’ve recently announced the EA sports season ticket allowing 6 days early access to the game and 24 Gold packs for Ultimate Team. This comes at a rather steep price of £19.99, considering all you’re paying for is a few days extra play and a few packets with players that’ll probably end up in your trade pile anyway.

Of course, all of these extra add-ons are optional and nobody has to pay above the £40 basic price. Then again, Pro Evolution Soccer offers all its downloadable content for free, with not a penny being charged for buying players on its equivalent of Ultimate Team; Master League Online. This doesn’t mean we should all go and buy PES 2013, but it does mean FIFA really needs to buck up its ideas and realise: customers will not pay £40 year in, year out, for the exact same game with a new face on the front.

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This article was first posted on September 19, 2012