FIFA 14: 10 Players You Must Use Before FIFA 15

Some will retire, others will simply not be very good anymore... either way, it's time to say goodbye to some favourite players.

There€™s not too long to go until autumn lands along with the much-anticipated release of FIFA 15. Traditionally the new game released each-and-every year by EA is an evolution rather than a revolution of the preceding year€™s title, but FIFA 15 €“ the first title developed to harness the horsepower of next-gen hardware €“ promises to be more than just an evolution as fans of the series anticipate enhanced graphics and improved gameplay to make it the best title in the series so far. However, the game€™s traditional release date in the last week of September is still three months away and in the meantime there are still plenty of FIFA 14 games to be enjoyed. Though critics of the most recent FIFA title have bemoaned its glitches, unreliable Ultimate Team mode and over-reliable aerial offence, we can all agree in saying that FIFA 14 has been the best football game EA has ever made and we should take advantage of it now in case the developers somehow drop a clanger with the next game. To make the most of the current title, there are a handful of players who gamers owe it to themselves to use at least once before FIFA 14 becomes obsolete. These players might be hugely enjoyable to use but are under threat of an impending downgrade in the new release or their real life counterpart may have confirmed their retirement after the 2013/14 season meaning they won€™t be featured in September€™s new game. Here are the 10 players you MUST use before the release of FIFA 15:

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