FIFA 14: 14 Ways It Can Improve On FIFA 13

14. Giovinco Should Not Be Able To Out Jump Thiago Silva

fifa 13 header We've all seen it guys. We've all suffered from it and we've all gained from it. It's David out punching Goliath. It's the perennial underdog defeating the champion. You know what I'm talking about. When the little guys like Defoe, Giovinco and Messi out jump Thaigo Silva, Vidic and Puyol. It's absolutely infuriating and totally unrealistic. Fair enough, every now and then when a defender is out of position or out of balance he can be defeated in the air by a flying Santi Cazorla power header. But every game? Come on! It really bugs me and it certainly needs to be made more intelligent on the next game. Even the best players in the world are disadvantaged. Take Ronaldo, if you play with Real Madrid online you will almost certainly never win a header from your own goal kick but you'll win every header (against the same defenders) from your own corners. Where's the intelligence? It seems ridiculous to me.

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