FIFA 14: 5 Essential Improvements To Career Mode

fifa14 Almost a week ago today, EA Sports officially announced FIFA 14, the latest in their long running football franchise. The American company announced a number of notable changes to this year's iteration, with improved AI intelligence, second chance tackles, improved passing and crossing along with a revamped career mode all making their way into the series when the game ships this September. Here, it is the latter point that we are going to touch upon - career mode. Last year, EA modified this game mode quite significantly by introducing the ability to manage an international team alongside a club team for the first time in the series' run. They also made notable changes to the transfer market system by allowing gamers to make counter offers when a rival made an offer for a star player. This year, EA are going to improve career mode even further by introducing a fully-fledged scouting network which allows players to search for talent all year round and evaluate players based on their attributes. We're also told career mode will be much easier to navigate than in past titles with a revamped HUB. Here, we take a look at 5 more Essential Improvements EA could make to Career Mode in FIFA 14. Click "Next" to begin.
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