FIFA 14: 5 Ways The Next Generation Version Will Revolutionise The Series

fifa 14 Following its release on September 27, FIFA 14 has gone on to prove that the long-running football simulation series is still as popular as ever. After predecessor '13 became the biggest videogame launch of 2012, the newest iteration had a lot to live up to. And it didn't disappoint, with '14 toppling the tremendously-popular Grand Theft Auto V from the top of the UK sales charts at various periods in the month since its release. Proof then that the lure of the EA-created series is still irresistible to gamers and an example of why the franchise has enjoyed such longevity since its inception in 1993. And, with a SECOND release date coming up on November 29, when EA take their FIFA series onto the next generation of consoles, '14 is practically guaranteed yet more success in the sales charts. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles out next month, the football simulation title will make its debut on the new systems, meaning it is a very exciting time to be a FIFA fan. But what exactly can we expect when EA's long-running venture lands on the new consoles, and will we be seeing the dawn of a new era for the series? Click "Next" to find out.
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