FIFA 14 Gameplay Video Released

With E3 now finished, this week has taught us a lot about the next-generation consoles and delivered a huge catalogue of new games to boot. For football fans, EA failed to uncover any real news at their conference on Monday, but they did give FIFA 14 a short mention along with a trailer similar to what we have already seen. Hold on! Before you get too disappointed, EA have finally given gamers a ten-minute video showing off some of the game's mechanics. The video demonstrates several new features including finesse heading, something which has never been done in a football game. The team at FIFA don't actually show any live gameplay, but they do show off a whole bunch of new features that have been incorporated into FIFA 14. FIFA 14 Producer Nick Channon explains what's new in FIFA 14 in the video above. One of the things I noticed straight away was just how amazing the graphics look, although it is worth noting that this isn€™t actual gameplay, as it is being viewed through the instant reply option. At Microsoft€™s Xbox One conference last month, EA announced that exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team content would be coming to the Xbox One and not to PlayStation 4 - something they may in light of recent reveals be regretting - but no details of this have been made yet. FIFA have announced tons of new features for the new game, as well as an official trailer and several screenshots. We know that the gameplay is changing, the graphics have been improved and a new career mode layout is on the way, but in the weeks running up to the release of the game, more and more news will likely surface. Keep your ear to the ground with our extensive FIFA coverage. What do you make of FIFA 14 so far?

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