FIFA 14 Next Gen Trailer: 5 Things We Learned

4. The Crowd React To The Stories On The Pitch

Fifa14crowd On current generation console versions of FIFA 14 - that is, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 - the crowd react to the stories on a pitch in an unrealistic, almost listless fashion. Watch next time you score a goal, and pay close attention to the crowd. There's no excitement on their faces, and they don't even stand up to celebrate as a real supporter would. Likewise, when the opposition hit the back of the net, rival fans don't react with the typical head-in-hands look of despair to the crushing blow their team has just suffered. All that changes in next generation FIFA. The home crowd will cheer a goal while the away section will look on despondently. Fans will even put their hands on their head as a ball fizzes over the bar. EA are bringing the crowd to life like never before on the next generation version of FIFA 14, setting new standards for how football simulation games should be presented.
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