FIFA 15: 10 Tweaks To Make This The Best FIFA Yet

FIFA 14 was good but it could be better...

FIFA 15 will mark the franchise's first proper outing on next-generation hardware with a title being built from the ground up to tap into the superior horsepower of the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. We have already seen what a huge difference this additional hardware can make with the re-release of FIFA 14 for next-gen €“ the game was markedly more crisp looking and finally did away with the so-called 'cardboard cut-out' fans to be replaced by far more life-like spectators. With FIFA 15€™s highly anticipated release later this year there is a growing feeling among fans that this title could be the one to address some of the series€™ persistent shortcomings. This isn€™t to say FIFA is in any way a poor game €“ the football sim is hands down the best video game of its kind, there are just tweaks to be made to make it even better. As fans we obviously want EA to implement additional changes, tweaks and innovations to make this next-gen debut the finest FIFA game yet. It€™s hard to think of an occasion when a new entry into the FIFA franchise hasn€™t been superior to its predecessor €“ EA have a very good track record in this regard and there is no reason to doubt that FIFA 15 shouldn€™t be the best in the long-running series. There are a number of outstanding issues or absent features which EA need to resolve in order to take their game to the next level. The customer is always right so give the people what they want EA! So with that in mind, here are the 10 Tweaks To Make This The Best FIFA Yet.


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